“We translate business objectives into simple technology solutions.”

We’re here to help people. We want to make businesses more profitable, and free them from the money-draining, productivity-sucking, hair-pulling problems that IT can cause. We make things work right. We keep data safe and secure. We help you be innovative, without you having to be the innovator. We fix big problems and we clean up big messes. And we leave you with IT services that help your business hum. With Best IT, you can be free from the worry of IT.

Harry Curtin
Founder and CEO
  • A serial entrepreneur and business leader with experience in the financial and technology industries
  • Founder and CEO of BestIT, a growing and successful Arizona-based business
  • Founder and CEO of Intersection Racing and a professional race car driver
  • An avid philanthropist and supporter of many Arizona nonprofit organizations, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Boys and Girls Club of Central Phoenix, the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, and the Phoenix Art Museum’s Men’s Art Council, to name a few
  • The leader of BestIT’s efforts to revolutionize the IT industry and help clients succeed in their industries
Fred Chen
Chief Technology Officer
  • An enterprise architect known for his innovative designs and end-to-end solutions
  • Recent leader of a team that installed a new platform for a large bank to sift through 100 million transactions per hour
  • An architect for mission-critical systems for large private and public companies, including Amgen Pharmaceuticals, University of California-Riverside US Navy Technology Center, Bank of America and AOL
Dominick Grillas
Vice President of Strategic Programs
  • A business, innovation and technology strategic leader
  • Expert in creating technology solutions to drive business growth
  • Extensively experienced in the defense and aerospace sectors in Europe
  • Author and speaker on strategic execution and cost optimization
  • Coach and mentor on sales development and new markets
  • An industry veteran with experience as Director of Delivery of the Outsourcing Division of Cap Gemini; Vice President of Process Engineering for Keane; and Director of Strategic Programs at WiPro
Jim Mapes
Chief Security Officer
  • An information technology veteran with more than 20 years of experience, and more than 15 years of experience in information security
  • An experienced security leader who has lead teams of incident response and forensic investigators who investigated hacking incidents, internal fraud and discovery of electronic evidence for investigation
  • Adept at leading security assessments and developing security architecture for organizations of all sizes
  • Extensively experienced as a Chief Information Security Officer for a multi-billion-dollar international corporation
Larry Bua
Vice President of Operations and Technology
  • Accomplished and focused business technology leader with over 30 years of experience in strategic planning and tactical innovation
  • Facilitated successful business expansions in the U.S., Europe and Latin America
  • Managed strategic efforts to serve consumers and corporations in over 80 emerging market countries as VP of Operations at Citibank
  • Expert in aligning technology with business strategy to create solutions and opportunities that drive change
Bob Britton
  • Financial accountant with more than 20 years of experience in the private and public sector
  • Experienced with a broad record of positions in financial reporting, tax reporting and internal audit
  • Provided financial planning, budgeting, audit programs and monitoring of financial performance and accounting practices for organizations across the U.S.
High Technology
Being on the cutting edge means more than just thinking outside the box. It means covering the basics as well. BestIT helps these tech companies do both, in a cost-effective way.
When nationwide logistics are at the core of your business model, you need to make sure your technology solutions are as efficient as possible. As these companies know, at BestIT, we got this.
Retail and Consumer Goods
Whether its inventory or sales, technology and data are critical to success. BestIT makes sure these companies know exactly where their inventory is and what they need to serve their customers.
Manufacturing and Distribution
No matter what your company makes, the data you use is the lifeblood of your business. These companies rely on BestIT to keep the trains running on time, so to speak.
When information can make a difference in people’s lives, these clients rely on BestIT to make sure the data they use every single day is safe, reliable and within reach.
Financial Services
When millions of dollars are being tracked, you need to know your IT works. Our clients in the financial services industry rely on BestIT because they need to know their records are safe.
Construction and Engineering
Got technical documents and data? These clients sure do, and they are the lifeblood of the services they provide their clients. That’s why these companies rely on BestIT to protect their data and systems.
Business Partners
Just to make sure you’ve got the muscle you need behind your IT, we partner with some of the biggest names in the business. So no matter how big or small you are, we make sure to create a solution that’s perfect for your company.
Software as a Service Partners
You don’t always have to go out and buy a big, expensive software suite to get the job done. There are plenty of companies out there who offer a “Software as a Service” approach that saves you money and hassles. Here are some of the ones we work with.
Software Partners
When you do need some heavy duty software firepower, we bring in some of the most recognized companies in the world to help handle it. In fact, you may have heard of some of these names…
Hardware Partners
We’re not here to sell you a specific brand. We’re here to build an IT infrastructure that works for your company. So, we work with a lot of different companies on the hardware side to find the right fit for each situation.

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