Get visibility on your technology’s operational performance, while ensuring that your business needs are fully and efficiently supported. BestIT provides infrastructure management services for all layers of your enterprise, such as routers, switches, firewalls, VPNs and intrusion detection. This service may also include patching, ongoing network traffic analysis, strategic recommendations, network-related documentation and incident management for outages and service degradations.

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• Infrastructure end-to-end managed solution with peace of mind
• Take advantage of the cloud without the hurdles
• Get the performance and be free of worries
• Get on the cutting edge without the cost
• Optimal cost / performance / benefits balance
• Recurring multi-year contract at a monthly fixed fee
• Multi-year managed service at a flat monthly fee

Active, real-time 24x7x365 monitoring, documentation, prioritization, and escalation of issues. BestIT provides comprehenzive service metrics, including statistics for uptime/downtime, storage/disk space utilization, memory usage, system health and system scalability versus projected growth.

BestIT will also provide you with a customized, dedicated dashboard accessible online at all times.

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• Keep systems flexible to protect you from being help hostage by vendors or competencies
• Your own incidents, escalation and usage reports
• Liberate your staff from systems monitoring and constant support interruptions
• Managed Services at a flat monthly fee

Get relieved from the burden of maintaining and scaling your infrastructure: BestIT offers the management of physical systems, operating systems, and virtual machines, including patching, maintenance and incident management. This service extends to the virtualization of existing systems, server by server or as an enterprise-level project, enabling you to move toward a cloud solution or fully virtualized architecture. We can manage your complete infrastructure or just components.]For addtional information: See Resource Files

• Lower or eliminate capital cost and expenditures
• Less equipment with better output; re-purpose your expensive data center
• Reduce your physical dependency on hardware
• A solution tailored to meet your actual business needs
• Virtualize and get into cloud computing at once
• Managed Services at a flat monthly fee

BestIT offers Help Desk and End User Support services tailored to meet the unique needs of the Small & Medium Businessed (SMB) with a comprehensive and fully customizable suite of options.

Our services include various levels of hardware and software support, help desk / ticketing, multi-level incident management, as well as immediate or time response with escalation to on-site customer IT operations and full end user desktop support. Our expanded coverage combines remote and onsite support.

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• Liberate yourself from the desktop dependency: get them to just work. Period.
• Make your employees and managers happy and more productive
• Get the user suppose you need, leaner and meaner
• Do away with upgrades stress and worries, incompatible technologies and vendors
• Managed Services at a flat monthly fee