BestIT’s application solutions ensure that your software applications efficiently and effectively support your business. We leverage best practices, tools, methodologies and industry benchmarks to develop, support or convert your applications.

Get quality support for your new and existing ERP systems, ensuring they are updated and optimized to support your business needs. We provide your business with the implementation, configuration and ongoing support required to maximize your ERP investments.

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• Ensure every line of code is in sync with budget and critical requirements
• Create competitive advantage for your business with software and data
• No more being help captive by vendors and resources
• Project, pay for play or fixed priced engagements
• Fine-tune your ERP to get the best value for your money
• Extend the life of your applications or replace them at the right time

Increase the value of your software applications by providing top-quality maintenance and enhancements to your portfolio.

Legacy applications must be maintained and eventually converted to a newer / current technology. BestIT can keep your legacy applications running and create a roadmap for converting them to technologies that give you better performance, flexibility and cost effectiveness.

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• Sustain and scale your aging software or convert it before it gets too obsolete
• No more being help captive by vendors and resources
• Integrate your software with new technologies
• Optimize the cost / benefit of your application portfolio
• Eradicate the root cause of your key software failures and constraints

Expand your business’ reach and engagement with your community by identifying the best ways for your business to embrace mobile technology.

Let BestIT develop your mobile applications tailored to your business and mobile strategy. Whether converting your applications to a mobile platform or developing new mobile solutions from the group up, BestIT’s team of experts will get the job done.

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• Mobility is happening: get your technology on board without the headaches
• Enable your sales force to go directly to your customers
• Deliver and create mobile applications for customers, employers and partners
• Project or fixed priced / time-boxed engagements

BestIT’s enterprise data management services ensure your company’s data is accessible, reliable accurate and resides within a scalable model and platform. Improve the accuracy and usability of your existing data and extract the critical data to run your business.

BestIT will manage your Exchange, Microsoft SQL and Oracle environments, including patching and updates, maintenance, performance tuning, backup management, high-availability load clustering or VM hosted cluster as well as incident management for outages and service degradation.

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• Improve the accuracy and integrity of your data
• Access critical iinformation to make the right business decisions
• Increase the speed and efficiency of your systems
• Get the business value out of your data stores
• Leverage Big Data tools to exploit your business intelligence capabilities
• Maintain and optimize your databases performance